Monday, June 27, 2016

Another Year Come and Gone

The Juneau Mendenhall Flying Lions is a small club by most standards.  We have 22 members but broken down, 4 members live out of town/state and 3 members are inactive which leave 15 active members.  Of those active members, 8 members work and 7 members are retired.

So what can a club of 15 active members do in a year's time?  Let me show you:

  • We had a 4th of July booth at the parade staging area where we offered hot coffee and pastries to participants while they waited for the parade to start.  We made $364.  
  • Picked up trash on the road that takes you to the Mendenhall Glacier.
  • Assisted Helping Hands prepare for a fundraiser.  
  • Donated $100 to the Center for the Blind.
  • Our meeting place closed (The Broiler) and we had to relocate.
  • We had our second litter pick up in September.
  • Vision Screening efforts took place at Glacier Baptist  Academy, Floyd Dryden Middle School, Riverbend Elementary, and Angoon Schools.
  • Celebrated 50 years of Lionism and Serving our Community with Lion Bruce Wing.  
  • Participated in the Recycle for Sight Community Drive where we asked the community to donate their used eyeglasses; 245 pair of eyeglasses were donated.  
  • Donated $5,000 to Family Promise.
  • Collected and shipped 1,460 pair of eyeglasses to the Aurora Borealis Recycle Center at the North Pole.
  • Vision screening efforts took place at:  Gustavus, Headstart, Gastineau Elementary, Early Learning Fair for Babies and Infants, Harborview Elementary, Montessori, and Wrangell schools.
  • Annual Barbecue at McGivneys where we raised $3,060 for the Alaska Diabetes Association.  
  • Donated $250 to the Bethel Winterhouse after the fire.
  • Braved the weather to honor and remember the sailors of the USS Juneau at the USS Juneau Remembrance Ceremony.
  • Participated in the Radio Center Annual Food Drive.  Collected food, went to jail, unloaded the buses, and stocked food at the Food Bank.
  • Vision screening efforts took place in Sitka.  
  • Delivered 20 pair of men’s wool socks, 12 pair women’s, and 4 nice ski gloves to Front Street Clinic for the homesless.  
  • Donated $500 to Ronald McDonald House
  • Donated $500 to Camp K, a camp for children with Type 1 Diabetes.  
  • Donated $500 to Shop With A Cop
  • Had a Christmas social where members brought toys to give to the needy.  
  • Delivered collected toys to St. Vincents.
  • Inducted three new members.
  • Donated $300 to St. Vincents
  • Donated $300 to the AWARE Center 
  • Rang the Salvation Army Bell
  • Donated $500 to Salvation Army
  • Annual Light Flights fundraiser.  Raised $10,795.  Coastal Helicopter pilots and staff donate their time for this event as well as fuel is donated.  Coastal donated $5,397 to the Children's Tumor Foundation and $5,397 went into Lions projects.
  • Served lunch at the Glory Hole, a homeless shelter. 
  • USS Juneau Social at Buoy Deck for Military and Veterans
  • USS Juneau Reception for Legislators and other dignitaries
  • USS Juneau Reception open to the public
  • Vision Screening Efforts:  Legislative Affairs Health Fair
  • Provided New Member Orientation to three new members and their sponsor.  
  • Inducted a new member, Lion Bob Nielsen
  • Vision Screening Efforts:  Gold Medal, Raven Home School, Faith Community Church.
  • Donated $250 to Shepherd of the Valley Church food pantry
  • Donated $176 to Leader Dog
  • Donated $3,100 to Alaska Diabetes Association
  • Litter Pick Up
  • Vision Screening Efforts:  Juneau Community Church, Cordova schools, Anchorage Kids Day, Early Learning Fair, Skagway Child Find, Skagway Health Fair
  • Had a Social
  • Hosted 2nd Vice District Governor Jeannine Morse's club visit
  • Donated $100 to the Newtok Water Project 
  • Donated $250 to the Harborview Extended Summer Program 
  • Delivered donated sport-cut fish to the local food banks and pantries.  This is fish that was caught, processed, but never picked up. 
    • Helped Swampy Acres at their annual Family Farm Day
    • Offered a Scholarship of $500 for Elias Antaya
    • Had our first annual Meet and Greet, a recruitment effort to get new members.
    • Donated $100 for Beep Baseball in Anchorage.
    • Delivered more fish fish fish to Shepherd of the Valley, Glory Hole, Helping Hands, and Southeast Alaska Food Bank
    • Set up a table at the Nugget Mall to share what we do
    • Assisted Shepherd of the Valley Church with their annual Block Party.  We provide a bicycle obstacle course and talk about bicycle safety.  
    • Assist Helping Hands with their weekly food distribution
    • Placed flowers at the USS Juneau Memorial to honor the other two USS Juneau ships.  
    • Delivered more fish fish fish to Shepherd of the Valley, Glory Hole, Helping Hands, and Southeast Alaska Food Bank.  Total fish and wild game delivered, approximately 1,500 pounds!!!!
    • Planted a Crimsom King Maple at the American Legion Post.  Tree was donated by Glacier Gardens.  
    • End of year social and induction of new officers.  
    Joint Sight Committee (September to present):  Approved 10 applications for financial assistance
    for a total of $3,201 

    TOTAL DONATIONS for 2015-2016:  $15,627

                Screened 1,891 children
                Referred 280
                At 20 locations

    This is what an active club looks like!  Alone, we can do a little, but with a little help from everyone, we can accomplish great things!  

    We Serve!
    Lion Nancy Norton

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