Friday, November 20, 2015

Feeding the Hungry

Today we served the hungry population of Juneau.  But what's so cool is that it wasn't just Juneau we helped feed, but other communities in Southeast that rely on the services of the Southeast Alaska Food Bank.

This was the Radio Center's Annual Day of Sharing is Caring Food Drive.  They had two locations with a school bus to fill at the downtown location and this container van below at the valley location.

It started at 6:00 a.m.  Yes, a.m. when Lions Soapy Lingle and Mike Norton showed up at Super Bear for their early morning shift.
Lions Mike Norton and Soapy Lingle
For the next three hours they hustled unpacking donations and reloading in milk crates while I handed out bookmarks to customers coming into the grocery store.
Lions Mike Norton and Soapy Lingle
Lions Bob and Donna Hurley did their tour at the downtown Foodland IGA store where their presence helped sell pre-packaged donation bags for $10 or $20.
Lions Donna and Bob Hurley
To make sure we had both stores covered, Lion Tom Dawson did his tour at Super Bear in the afternoon.
Lion Ton Dawson
The day ended with Lion Mike Norton, President of the Mendenhall Flying Lions, and Lion Ted Burke, President of the Juneau Lions Club, in jail for an hour with the promise that if enough people donated nonperishable food items, they would be let out!  And they were.
Lion Ted Burke and Lion Mike Norton
We know there's a problem in Juneau and Southeast where too many people don't have enough to eat on any given day.   And it's only getting worse.  Hopefully, after today, the shelves of the Southeast Alaska Food Bank will be full and there will be plenty of food to go around for another day.

We Serve!
Lion Nancy Norton

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