Monday, November 3, 2014

Post Barbecue 2014

Another year.  Another Barbecue.  Another successful fundraiser.  
There were a couple hiccups.
But we managed to get back on track fairly quickly and no one was the wiser.   
Lions Allen Butner and Bob Hurley
Lions Neil, Mike N., and Soapy showed up about 7:00 a.m. to start smoking the ribs.
Lion Soapy Lingle and wife, Jill, and Neil Atkinson 
We used a different smoker this year, thanks to the generosity of
Marc Ormsby of FatMo's.
And he also shared a couple tricks of the trade to give us a more moist rib.   
But we aren't telling!  
McGivney's Sports Bar and Grill donated their bar for the second year in a row.
Generous generous people McGivney's and Marc Ormsby....  
Lions Ted Quinn and Soapy Lingle
Most Lions showed up to help, to razz, to meet and greet.
There was something to do for everyone.   
Lions Mike and Becky Allison and Lion Mike Norton had it down behind the counter.
They even had time to goof around!  
As usual, dinner was fantastic!
We hope you grabbed a rack of ribs to take home with you!   
The weather was less than desirable and made smoking a little tough at times.
It kept the boys on their toes though.  
Lions Allen Butner and Neil Atkinson
This year went much smoother at our new site than last year....
Last year it was McGivney's customers.
This year they were there for us.  
Lions Mike N. and Becky Allison
It was a good evening.
We got to thank people for supporting us and the American Diabetes Association
We got to explain who we are.  
What we do.
Why we do what we do.

It was a good day.
Except for this creepy Halloween decoration that stared at me all day!  

We serve!
Lion Nancy

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