Thursday, November 6, 2014

Lots of Years

I'm a little late on this post.... in celebrating a fellow Lion who just cleared 35 years of Lionism on November 1.  

That's a little hard to even fathom.... 35years....  I've been a Lion for 1-1/2 years....

Can you even begin to imagine how much service that has been?  The people he has helped?  The monies raised on fundraising projects? The projects he has helped with?  The meetings he has attended?
Yep, Lion Mal Linthwaite...  he took the motto, We Serve!, to heart when he became a Lion.  He's one of the original Charter members of the Mendenhall Flying Lions, starting our club in 1983.  He is a leader, a role model.

Lion Mal is no longer living in Juneau but I'd like to think his spirit is still with us, guiding us as we continue doing the good deed he started so very long ago.  
Congratulations, Lion Mal!  We appreciate that you forged ahead and broke ground!  We appreciate all the hours you logged in helping others, making a difference!

We Serve!
Lion Nancy

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