Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Lion Member

We're pleased to welcome our newest member, Lion Susan Albury to the family of Lions!

Lion Susan is fairly new to Juneau but has been checking us out since she arrived.  Lion Steve is her sponsor, significant other, and partner and he's been bringing her to meetings for quite some time now.  Lion Susan also helps out at events whenever she can.
So far she's been a great Lion!

Lion Allen and Hari Dev
Last night was our "end of year" social and we had a great time!  Lion Allen invited some friends Mukhya and Hari Dev that we're hopeful will also become a part of our family.  

Lions Donna and Bob
The food was great, the company was great.  We made new friends and caught up with old friends. We get so busy with being Lions, that some times we forget to be just friends.

Geri and Susan
We have to remember to have more gatherings as it's a great time to get to know each other just a little better and re-connect.

Susan, Lion Mike N., and Lion Steve
Lion President Mike N. inducting Susan into the Mendenhall Flying Lions Club.
Susan and Lion Mike N.

Lion Steve pinning Lion Susan with one of his favorite pins.
Our newest Lion Family!
We are thrilled to have Lion Susan and her children as the newest members of our family.  She brings with her the desire to learn, an enthusiasm to make a difference, and the ambition to help get the job done!  Yep, she's going to be just fine!

And we want to thank all the Lions and spouses (who haven't yet made a commitment) who joined us!  Let's do it again, soon!

We Serve!
Lion Nancy

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