Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

"He" became a Lion on July 21, 2010, and "she" became a Lion on August 1, 2001.  Together "they" have made a great Lion Team!  Who are they....?  Lions Joey and Chad Ausel!  Lion Chad just celebrated his 4 years as a Lion and Lion Joey will be celebrating 13 years in a few days.

Lion Joey has been a Lion practically her entire life, learned all about Lionism as a member of the Kodiak Lions and the Sleeping Lady Mountain Lions Club after that where she was a member and served as president.  She then came to Juneau with top-notch skills, ready to serve.  Lion Chad is a dedicated Lion doing whatever he can whenever he can, but the Army National Guard often took him away.  We appreciate his service to our country and his service to our club.  

Although the Ausels are still members of the Mendenhall Flying Lions, they recently relocated to Anchorage. I hope they look for another club where they can be happy and call home.  

Best of luck, Lions Chad and Joey!  And thank you for all your service to our home town.  

We Serve!
Lion Nancy

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