Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

Thirty-one years ago, Lions Club International had the privilege, and honor, to receive as members Neil Atkinson and Robert Hungerford.  Thirty-one years later, Lion Robert is residing in Washington State and Lion Neil is still sharing Lionism wherever he goes.

I could write a book about Lion Neil's accomplishments since becoming a Lion....  Well, maybe I will!

Lions Neil and Robert were both Charter members of the Mendenhall Flying Lions that was chartered on May 23, 1983.  Lion Neil has served as Vice President, Director, Tail Twister/Lion Tamer, Membership Chair, Secretary, and well.... you get it.  To be a leader in the club, almost requires you to know every aspect of the club's business.  Doesn't it?  A couple of his pet projects for most of these years include the annual Barbeque and Auction to benefit the American Diabetes Association and Light Flights to benefit the Children's Tumor Foundation.  This is not to say he hasn't chaired other committees and hasn't been otherwise involved, because Lion Neil has pretty much done it all at the club level!

Lion Neil has also held the following district positions:
  Zone 7 Chair 1993-1995
  Region 2 Chair 1995-1996
  District Governor 49A 1997-1998
  MD49 Council Chair 2001-2002

He also received 49A Secretary of the Year for 2000-2001.

Lion Neil has attended International Conventions in Philadelphia; Birmingham, England; Denver; Indianapolis; and Osaka, Japan; and USA/Canada Lions Forums in Syracuse, Forth Worth, Reno, Milwaukee (2 times), Portland, Oregon, and Anchorage.

Lion Neil first heard of Lions in 1959 when his brothers and him "won" money for clothes from the Columbus Lions Club for school following their dad's death from diabetes.  As a paperboy, the Lions treated all paperboys to a Christmas dinner and a gift.  In 1967, Neil represented the Lions Club in the Lions band at their State Convention.  Lion Neil says, "my service here is to pay back a little of what that club did for me and my family."

And there you have it.  Lionism at its finest.  Thank you, Lion Neil for all your service, for your mentoring, for your compassion towards others.  Do you think he's done "paying back"?  Nahhhh, me neither!

I wish I knew something about Lion Robert, but I don't.  He left Juneau many years ago and we're not in touch.  But I know all those Charter members worked hard to make the MFLC the club it is today. So congratulations to him, as well!

We Serve!  
Lion Nancy

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