Friday, February 28, 2014

Lions Helping

I'll be the first to admit that I do not like all this technology....  the internet, facebook, email, twitter, etc. Give me a pen and paper.

But if it wasn't for Facebook, we may never have learned that a former Lion is very ill and has only a couple weeks to live.  Sam and Katrina were in the club for a short period, a couple of years, but participated as much as they could during that time.  And now they need our help.

Katrina needs to be by Sam's side and focus all her energy on him and we need to be there for Katrina and their daughter, Ali. We've committed to providing dinner at least three times a week so that's one less thing she needs to worry about and, instead, can concentrate her efforts on taking care of her husband and daughter. Because Sam doesn't want to be left alone, we are also sitting by his side when Katrina needs to take care of business outside the home.  I know this will relieve some burden they're feeling during this difficult time, yet it seems so insignificant.  

If you would like to help during this difficult time, please contact us at

Please keep Sam, Katrina, and Ali in your thoughts and prayers.

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