Thursday, February 27, 2014

First Annual Committee Appreciation Day

What is the purpose of a committee?  The first one to email me the answer wins!

Here's why I think we have committees....   To hash out details of whatever it is they've been assigned to do, so the rest of the club members don't have to use up valuable meeting time hashing out details and having lengthy discussions.

Am I close?

We have set committees such as budget, joint sight, vision screening, sunshine, communications, boy scout, and membership to name a few.  Then we also have project and activity committees like the barbecue and auction, lions packs, light flights, spring auction, and 4th of July.  Each committee is chaired by a chairperson with a couple members (all appointed by the president) to help with the task at hand.  From here, the committee meets, they do the work they were assigned to do, and come to a conclusion as appropriate.  It might be a project is ready to move forward to the next stage or research complete on something that requires an expenditure.  The point being, the committee is in charge of making these decisions.  Up to this point.

Once the committee feels they have a product to move forward with, they take it to the board of directors for their review and approval.  Who can name the nine officers who make up the board of directors?   If you said president, secretary, treasurer, lion tamer, 1 year director, 2 year director, membership chair, and immediate past president you would be right.

The board of directors has the authority to approve, disapprove, or make further suggestions and recommendations to the committee.  The committee might then be asked to do more work on the project. Once they've satisfied the board's requirements and get the board's approval, THEN it's presented to the rest of the club for approval.

By "approval," I'm not suggesting that members have any say in how the product is produced, what's being purchased, where it's being purchased,what color is being purchased,where an event is going to be held, or any of that. It simply means, members now have a vote to approve or disapprove the product being put before them in that specific format whether it's to approve an expenditure or move forward on a project. That is all.   They do not have any authority to change the work the committee and board of directors has put forth.  If they like it, they "approve" and if they they don't like the product, they "disapprove."  If the majority rules against the product, then I suppose the committee goes back to work.

So next time a committee comes up for grab, raise your hand to help out.  When elections get near, let someone know you're interested in becoming an officer. If you're passionate about something, be a part of making it happen, otherwise, appreciate all the work committees do on your behalf.

And sitting on a committee DOES take a lot of work.  There are meetings and more meetings.  There's people to contact, an object to produce.  This is all done in your fellow Lion's spare time.

So on behalf of all Lions who have sat on a committee over the years I hereby claim Wednesday, March 5, as our first annual Committee Appreciation Day!  It's a time to appreciate all the hard work committee members do on our behalf.  Yes, on OUR behalf.  They're taking time out of their days, evenings, and weekends to pursue the task at hand and the least we can do is thank them for their efforts and hard work.

So here it is, a great big THANK YOU to all the Lions who have ever sat on a committee or chaired a committee. Because of you, our club is able to move forward with projects, activities, and financial decisions. Because of you,  we don't need to hash out details over and over and over, making our meetings long and boring and dysfunctional.  Thank you.... for your passion to create an exceptional fundraiser or a great community service or be good stewards with the community's donations.  Thank you for your continuing dedication week after week after week.

P.S.  If I'm wrong in any of my understanding, I would hope one of the leaders of the club would let us know.  Thanks.

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