Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lions Packs Donations

Drum roll, please.....
We're not exactly certain what to expect as far as how many children will need backpacks in the next year, let alone what age group or gender.  (Remember back to my last post where I gave the seven different categories.)  Our best guess will be less than 100.  So we're going to plan for 100 backpacks a year. 
And because I know you're DYING to learn what donations we've received, wait no longer!  We got such a huge variety of donations, but these are the basics:

Backpacks:  98
Blankets (all ages):  26
Books:  over 100
Coloring Books:  39
Crayons and Markers:  48
Deodorant (boy and girl):  71
Shampoo:  299
Conditioner:  129
Floss (for teens and toddlers):  291
Gloves:  19
Hair Combs:  63
Hats:  12
Lotion:  1,200 plus
Bath Soap:  127
Razors (boys and girls):  205
Socks (all ages):  65
Stationary:  27
Stuffed Animals:  584
Toothbrush (teens and toddlers):  263
Toothpaste:  125
Toys/Cars:  41
Toys/Dolls:  9

Cash Donations:  $548 (plus a $400 check we've not received yet!)


Thank you!  

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