Sunday, November 3, 2013

Another Successful Barbeque and Auction

18th Annual Barbeque and Auction
Another fundraiser down.  Another barbeque and auction survived. Or should I say Lion Neil survived (maybe.... we've not heard from him yet today....!) as he does most of the work on this fundraiser.  This has been his baby for 18 years.  And he's done such a super job bringing it all together. 
Lion Neil staying warm.

Lion Mike N. getting ready to check the ribs.
Now, not to diminish all the help from other Lions that get involved and help out throughout this process because we couldn't pull this off without everyone's help and dedication.  But it is a process.  And would we be able to pull it off without Lion Neil at the helm....? 
Lions Becky and Mike A. behind the scenes serving.

Lion Tommy clowning around.
No words needed here.
This year, Lions Joe, Marilyn, Tommy, Mike N., and Neil along with help from Mark Z. (an ex-Lion), seasoned the ribs TO perfection.  We're talking absolutely perfect.  In order to start serving the ribs at noon the following day, Lions Neil and Mike N. started up the smoker at 5:30 a.m. and stood out in the freezing cold allllll day long monitoring them.  We're talking 32-36 degree weather. 
Lion Bob doing whatever
needs to be done
Once the ribs started coming out of the smoker, the people came.... they took racks of ribs home to enjoy.  (Side note:  We are taking TWO racks of ribs with us to Anchorage this week for Lions who wanted to participate in our fundraiser!)

Lion Becky, barely visible over the
counter!  Lion Donna helping serve.
By 5:00 p.m., we had nearly sold out of our 300 pounds of pork ribs!  I might add that the baked beans.... a secret family recipe of Lion Neils.... are not like your average Busch's baked beans.  Ask Neil for the recipe!  They are THAT good. 

This year we tried a Dessert Auction rather than the regular one with merchandise.  We had some exquisite desserts--some made by women who just love to bake for fundraisers and others from professional chefs and bakeries.  One of my favorite (and I promised myself I would bid on AND win!) were sugar cookies baked by the boyfriend of Lion Neil's daughter.  I had my eye on these the moment they arrived and I don't regret winning the bid. Sugar cookies drenched in swoops of strawberry and lemon frosting and then DIPPED in chocolate!  Yea, my glucose spiked!  But it was worth it.  :)
The sugar cookies I was determined
to score!
We had 30 some desserts--cinnamon rolls, homemade Sees fudge, pumpkin cheesecakes, organic cheesecake, apple pie, cake pops, sugar cookies, a trifle, bean pies (a cousin of the pumpkin pie), oatmeal butterscotch cookies, triple layer cake drenched in stout beer (I think it was), snicker cakes (to die for), cardamom coffee cakes, cheesecake with raspberry swirls (also to die for), plus cupcakes and push ups, and and and....  Our auction was short and sweet--about 45 to 60 minutes and we were done and out of there.  
Some of the incredible desserts.
So, was it a successful barbeque and auction this year with the change in venue?  There was tons of publicity (radio, newspaper, Facebook, word of mouth) and posters went up all around town.  Lion Neil did a great job auctioneering and getting desserts. Lions pulled together and did what needed to be done.  To me, it didn't seem the party environment as in past years.  But that's just my opinion.  The bidding wars were few, and what's an auction without some good bidding wars?!  It was  different bar owners this year, a different crowd.  Some "regulars" of the annual auction showed  up and supported us, so that was good.  All in all, it was a success because any money we made last night will go for a good cause, the American Diabetes Association.
A huge thanks to the following Lions who took time out of their weekend to help:  Tommy, Mike and Becky A., Bob and Donna H., Allen, Neil, Mike and Nancy N.  Without their help and support, this fundraiser wouldn't have been the success it was.  And a huge thanks to those people who donated desserts! Without their generosity.... well, there wouldn't have been an auction.  Unfortunately, I don't have all their names and because I don't want to slight any that I might miss, I'll leave it to that. 

Thanks to the goodness of others--Teddy's Tasty Meals out of Anchorage for donating 300 pounds of pork ribs to the American Diabetes Association (ADA); the ADA shipping them for free; Lions for their time and dedication; bakers for their love of baking; Food Service of America for the donated potato salad; the Juneau Empire for free advertising; KINY for getting us on the air; McGivney's Sports Bar and Grill for giving us a place to hold our event, the afternoon to take over their kitchen, and the use of their wait staff; for the patrons who showed up and spent their money.... Thank you....  Because of YOU, this was another successful event.

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