Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Community Service Day

We participated in our first Community Service Day event this weekend.  All candidates and non-profits were invited to sell "their wares." 
We did everything right.  Had our vision screener set up.  The "Free Vision Screening" sign was strategically placed on the front side (or back...?) of the computer where all who walked by could see it. 

We had a brand new presentation board that displayed some of our more prominent activities. 

We had our club brochure, club factsheet, and other miscellaneous brochures strategically laid out on the table for easy access.  Our membership app was ready with pens standing by. 

But one can ever prepare for non-attendance.  Yep, the mall was pretty much lacking any participants in the event and the few people wandering through weren't interested in anything we had to share. 

Yes, it was a bit disappointing.  We had several Lions who took time out of their otherwise busy weekend to sit and share what we're all about.  It is disappointing when others don't see the same value in this wonderful organization that we do. 

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