Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Busy Fall

As a reminder, we have a LOT coming up and going on in the next month or so. 

Vision screening is gearing up and we have our first big event on Thursday, September 19 at the Early Learning Fair at Harbor Elementary.  It's here where we also screen all the Head Start kids.  Thanks to Lion Chad for taking care of this screening event. 

At the same time that Lion Chad is performing vision screening, a couple of us will be in Kansas City at the USA/Canada Forum. I'm just guessing here, but this is probably an event all Lions should attend.  Here's just a part of the training matrix:  Public speaking skills, getting energized, club secretary, keeping your members, take the lead in growing your club, tail twisting, the Law, why are Lions leaving your club, how does your club serve, fundraising, how to be a leading lion, "I'm too busy," social media, ethics, preparing future leaders, treasurer, club president, developing visibility, protocol/respect, conflict resolution, and the list goes on.  The problem I see is selecting which classes to take! 

Our vision screener will also fly to Hoonah for a week to screen school kids at the Tots Clinic.  Thanks to Lion Joe for ensuring the vision screener gets to the right place at the right time. 

On October 1, we have the opportunity to congratulate Lion Bruce Wing for his 48 years of Lionism!  Wow.... 

In October, our vision screener is busy every weekend.  Although we've not  had any requests to screen elementary or pre-school children yet, I know a couple are working on dates. 

Many members are in travel status--hunting, traveling, visiting family. Another member is restricted from flying until the baby comes.  Boats are coming out of the water.  Fish is getting canned.  Plants have been dug up for the plant sale next year. We have a couple new projects on the agenda.  Fall is here. 

Keep up the good work, Lions! 

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