Monday, June 5, 2017

My First Convention

MD49 Convention
April 26-29, 2017

It's great being in a Lions Club, you get lots of opportunities to serve your community and learn how to organize and lead projects with wonderful and fun people. If you want to learn even more, go to a Lions conference. I was able to take classes for treasurer, secretary, and fund raising. These were not just academic classes on the duties of these positions and the mechanics of using websites, but there was meaningful discussions on how to be better and how to deal with specific issues that come up. Questions and answers from the audience were an important part of the instruction because people were sharing their real life solutions.
Lion Donna Hurley, Parade of Checks

Lion Mukhya lighting a candle at the Memorial Service

USS JUNEAU poster board presentation
But no one just goes to conferences to learn academics, what is really important is the inspiration, the friendliness, and the fun. Every Lion that I crossed paths with was outgoing in greeting and getting to know me. It gave me a feeling of connection with the wider community. The guest speaker was accomplished and inspirational, the food was good and plentiful, and best of all there was always humor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Lion Mukhya Khalsa

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