Monday, March 27, 2017

Gold Medal Basketball Tournament

Every year, for the past 71 years, the remote communities of Southeast Alaska congregate in Juneau to attend, cheer for, and rally around their favorite basketball team.  During this week long, basketball tournament, always during school Spring Break, children of all ages are able to attend this annual event.

Last year we asked, "what better place to offer free vision screening to children in remote villages than at Gold Medal?"  Which brings us to this year's Gold Medal Tournament where we scheduled vision screening from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. during most days of the tournament.

This year we screened 80 children and had 16 referrals.  These screenings allowed us to screen children we normally would not reach.  Lion Tom Dawson was key in reaching so many children as he personally invited parents to have their children's eyes screened as he handed out announcements.  A huge thanks to Lion Tom and Lions Soapy Lingle, Hari Dev Khalsa, Donna Hurley, and Mike Norton for taking time out of their week to assist with vision screening.

Another service our Club offers every year during Gold Medal is to serve the Juneau Lions Club dinner one night.  This is such a HUGE event and one that takes every bit of energy the Juneau Lions have, and our Club tries to help any way we can.  This year we provided a baked ham, potato salad, rolls, and dessert for 20.  From what I heard, it must have been good as there wasn't any leftovers!

The Gold Medal Tournament is a favorite event of many from residents of remote villages, to the Juneau Lions Club members, to members of the District Cabinet.  This year we had the privilege of having Past International Director Doc Meyers (from Kodiak) and District Governor Karen Burns(from Anchorage) in the sidelines.

Another successful Gold Medal Tournament come and gone.  Good job, Juneau Lions Club!  

We Serve!  

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