Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Numbers Are In

Our Lion year runs July 1 through June 30.  We start the year running, lining up schools, home schools, and pre-schools to offer free vision screening to children.

When we screen a child's eye, we let the PlusOptix screener do the work.  We aren't medical professionals and don't diagnose.  But the computer will identify any abnormalities in a child's eye and give a report of REFER if it found something wrong.

So far this year, we have screened at the following locations:

  • Auke Bay Elementary School (preschoolers):  screened 107 children with 7 referrals
  • Infant and Baby Fair:  screened 37 infants and toddlers with 4 referrals
  • Faith Community Christian School:  screened 53 children with 14 referrals
  • Gastineau Elementary School:  screened 120 preschool, kindergarten, first graders, and miscellaneous other children that had questionable eyesight with 19 referrals
  • Glacier Valley Elementary School:  screened 213 children with 42 referrals
  • Haines Elementary School, Haines, Alaska:  Screened 137 children with 9 referrals
  • Harborview Elementary:  screened 121 preschool to kindergarten with 23 referrals
  • Harborview Montesorri:   screened 51 preschool and 1st graders with 3 referrals
  • Head Start Faith Lutheran:  screened 37 with 2 referrals
  • Head Start Pioneers Home:  screened 15 with 4 referrals
  • Head Start Mendenhall School:  screened 15 with 3 referrals
  • Juneau Community Charter School:  screened 79 with 14 referrals
  • Juneau Co-Op Preschool:  screened 37 with 1 referral
  • Raven Home School:  screened 9 with 2 referrals
  • Riverbend Elementary:  screened 260 children with 53 referrals
  • KEET Elementary, Sitka, Alaska:  screened 354 children with 27 referrals
  • Valley Baptist Academy:  screened 79 with 7 referrals
  • Wrangell Elementary:  screened 73 children with 17 referrals
Total screened and referred the first half of the Lion year:  1,797 with 251 referrals.  

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