Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Family Farm Day

Family Farm Day at Swampy Acres is a well-kept secret in Juneau.  Not having younger children, I've never had occasion to visit this annual event.  What I learned was, this is a fun thing for any age!

This event is a fundraiser for a local child center, this year benefiting Juneau Cooperative  Preschool.

I could tell you all about it, but really need to be there to experience it!

The Juneau Mendenhall Flying Lions offered to help out again this year, our second year, and we're assigned the petting areas for the bunnies, chicks, ducklings, and turkeys.
Lion Mike Norton resting from the choas.
We were tasked with making sure small children didn't squeeze the baby chicks too tight....  Not a job for the faint at heart!  But I can proudly say, no chicks were lost on our watch!
4 day old chicks

2 week old ducklings
turkeys not feeling the day!
There were obstacle courses for the children to run through and play on, including huge piles of sand where they could run as fast as they wanted.

Lion Nancy supervising
Peacocks, chickens, turkeys, and other fowl ran free and encouraged our contact with them.  

 Lions Mike and Nancy Norton took over the early shift and Lions Bob and Donna Hurley and Susan Albury the afternoon shift.
Lions Bob and Donna Hurley
 It was a beautiful, sunny day in Juneau with temps in the 70's.  We serviced hundreds of children and adults throughout the day.  At times it was pure chaos.... Other times children quietly sitting on bales of hay with their hands in their laps, open, waiting for a baby chick to be placed.

An unexpected treat for the day was when I was tapped on the back, only to meet a Lion from down South!  It was so chaotic at the time that I did not have an opportunity to visit.... but it's nice to know that no matter where you go, you have a friend in another Lion.

We hope we'll be invited back to help again next year!

We Serve!
Lion Nancy Norton
Juneau Mendenhall Flying Lions Club

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