Saturday, December 26, 2015

Another Successful Light Flight 2015

It started like this:

Hardly gets any better than this evening's Light Flights weather.  Too often the wind is blowing, it's snowing, or even 19 degrees outside.  No complaints on this night!

People started lining up around 3:00 p.m.  Taking selfies and having fun!

The wait can be long... but those who came early would have a crack at the first helicopter at 4:30. 
But we never hear any complaints or grumbling about the wait, they all patiently wait for their group number to be called.    

Santa arrived on the first helicopter of the evening, and this year he had a little helper!  He had the cutest little elf with him!  They circulated through the crowd, handing out candy canes and spreading joy.   

This year we wanted to hand out cookies and water to the passengers as they waited, as a small gesture on our part to say "thank you" for supporting our fundraiser.
A huge thanks to Fred Meyer who donated all the water and cookies!
Lions Rena Sims and Bruce Wing and Bob
The loaders and escorts getting all their warm weather gear on.  
Joe Molburg, Lions Allen Butner, Ted Quinn, and Mike Norton
They go through mandatory safety training that Coastal Helicopters providesto ensure all passengers are kept safe.

In years past, Coastal keeps flying as long as there are passengers.  Last year we ticketed over 600 passengers, which turned out to be a long night for the pilots.  So this year they limited tickets to 350.

We have so many people to thank for the success of this event.... mostly Coastal Helicopters who donates their helicopters and employees.  

Pilots generously donate their time as well as employees who help ticket passengers and man the manifest line.  Mechanics are on hand should their services be needed as well as service the helicopters at the end of the evening.  
Petro Marine donates all the fuel for this event and the airport just lets us take over the terminal.

This year we had the pleasure of meeting Kenny.... the reason Light Flights was started so many years ago.  
Kenny and Lion Becky Allison
We also have family, friends, former Lions, and Lions to thank for this evening's event.  Everyone gives up their night to bring fun and joy to the people of Juneau.

This year we had a child's table set up where children could draw and write.  This became a "thank you" that was presented to Coastal Helicopters.  It was a fun way for children to stay busy while they waited.  

This is our outside crew.  The loaders, unloaders, escorts, and other helpers.  

And this is them.... happy for another successful Light Flights to be over!  

See you all next year!

We Serve!
Lion Nancy Norton

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