Friday, September 25, 2015

End of Year Litter Pick Up

The Mendenhall Flying Lions Club has been picking up trash along the Glacier Spur Road for many years now.  This is the road that takes tourists to the Mendenhall Glacier.  Even though it's never heavily littered with trash, the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities expects us to do our service three times a year.
Lion Mukhya Khalsa, Jill Lingle, Lions Mike Norton, Donna Hurley, Soapy Lingle, Bob Hurley, and granddaughter Chevelle
So, Spring, Summer, and Fall, you will find us walking the road, picking up trash, having a pretty good time.

Typically, Fall pick up can be a less than desirable time because of weather. It's the end of Summer, Fall can be miserable, and Winter is on its way.  There's a briskness to the air.  Leaves are falling.  There's probably snow on the mountains surrounding the glacier.  Chances are good you'll get wet.

This is Fall.  Winter is just around the corner....  Thanks to all the Lions AND non-Lions who joined us on this nice, Fall day to make our town a little nicer.

We Serve!
Lion Nancy Norton

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