Sunday, March 29, 2015

Vision Screening in Southeast

The Mendenhall Flying Lions has been traveling around this month offering free vision screening to children in Angoon, Petersburg, and Juneau.

We screened 152 children with 13 referrals at Mendenhall Elementary.  A huge thanks to Lions Neil, Hari Dev, Tommy, and Mike N. for taking time out of their busy days to do this!

We also had our second "first Saturday of the month" screening at the Nugget Mall where we screened 5 with 1 referral.

Lion Soapy braved high winds to get to Angoon where he screened 21 elementary children with 2 referrals.  We're already working with the public health nurse to do all the children next Fall.

Lions Allen and Soapy visited Petersburg.  For us to visit some of these communities in Southeast prove to be a little more than a day or two.  We have to plan one day going and one day coming back and then days in between for screening.  So a one or two day event turns into four days.  But it was very productive and they were able to screen pre-school, elementary, middle school, and home school children for a total of 327 children screened and 41 referrals.  Way to go Lions Soapy and Allen!
Petersburg is one of our biggest fans and the school district bends over backwards to get us there. They generally pay our airfare and lodging.
We also participated in the Alaska Health Fair which turned out pretty much as we expected.  Most participants of the health fair go to get their blood work done and the rest of the exhibitors visit among themselves.  But thanks to Lions Hari Dev and Mike N., we did screen 6 more children with 1 referral.
All in all, it was a good month of screening!

We Serve!
Lion Nancy

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