Monday, February 2, 2015

Free Vision Screening

This is our quiet time of the year and because being idle is never a good thing, we’ve come up with a new idea…. offer free vision screening at the Mall… just because.

Typically all our vision screening is done at health fairs and pre-school and elementary schools.  But one day we received a phone call from a mom whose child missed the screening at pre-school and asked if we ever did one-on-ones.  No, we don’t.  But why not?  Why can’t we set up at the Mall or some other public location and see if we catch any kids that we normally wouldn't catch or those we missed?

We will use every avenue of free advertising available to us:  We submitted this story to the Juneau Empire and will hang posters around town, at schools, and work places; we will submit a piece to Taku 105 which provides free air time for non-profits, and the Juneau Empire on-line.

This is an experiment we’re willing to try as vision screening is our priority.  And if the schools won’t let us come to them…. maybe the parents will come to us.  Stay tuned!

We Serve!
Lion Nancy

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