Monday, October 20, 2014

Vision Screener Will Travel

Here in Southeast our commitment to vision screening is huge!  We get out there and do it all, from screening at health fairs to preschools and schools.  We send our screener to the far corners of the map, some times without us!

This month we had a few occasions to share the vision.

  • Hoonah school district:  Screened 22 with 4 referrals
  • Valley Baptist Academy (preschool):  Screened 80 with 18 referrals.  Thanks to Lions Soapy and Mike N.
  • Alaska Health Fair:  Screened 5 with 1 referral.  Thanks to Lions Tommy and Mike N.
  • Wrangell Elementary:  Screened 58 with 16 referrals.  Thanks to Lion Mike N.
  • Wrangell Children's Coalition Health Fair:  Screened 63 with 11 referrals.  Thanks to Lion Mike N.
  • Health Care Cost Management Corporation of Alaska (HCCMCA):  Screened 50 with 14 referrals.  Thanks to Lions Tommy and Allen.  
Not bad for one month!  

Thanks to all the Lions that helped share the vision!

We Serve!
Lion Nancy

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