Tuesday, May 1, 2012

4th Cabinet Meeting

I attended the 4th Cabinet Meeting at Valdez this past week.  This was a great opportunity to receive training in areas of developing your Lions' Club, recruiting new members, running a project, and various other valuable information.  It's also a great time to meet up with old Lion friends from around the state and elsewhere.

The best part of this cabinet meeting is the training.  There's so much to learn in the world of Lions and I feel the training and contacts we receive at any convention or meeting is invaluable to expanding our club and developing projects so they run efficiently.  I especially enjoy talking to other Lions about their projects, their trials and tribulations, and all the fun parts of everything they do.

The 4th Cabinet Meeting is the last gathering of the Lions' calendar year.  One of the highlights of this night is award presentation and we were proud to have our own Club Secretary, Lion Joey Ausel, recognized as Secretary of the Year for District 49A.  Congratulations, Lion Joey!  You do a great job and definitely deserved it!

I'd like to encourage all Lion members to attempt to get to at least one convention or cabinet meeting a year and bring back information to share with other members of the club.

Lion Mike N.

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