Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bicycle Recycle Project

The Club's Bicycle Recycle Project is becoming quite the success!  This is Lion Mike Allison's project and he's doing a bang-up job! 

The Juneau Police Department (JPD) collects and receives abandoned bicycles from the community and, by law, need to hold them for 90 days to give the owners an opportunity to retrieve them.  Lion Mike approached the JPD with his proposal to take the bikes, restore them, and return them to the community to families in need.  Last year he collected about 25 abandoned bicycles from the Juneau Police Department and with the help of two non-Lion volunteers, spent hours restoring these bikes into a safe and ridable condition.  Out of those 25 bikes, 16 were restored and donated to St. Vincent for distribution just in time for Christmas.  What a way to end the calendar year! 

Just last week, the Juneau Police Department contacted Lion Mike again, with more bikes!  Yes.... 22 abandoned bikes ready for distribution. Lions Chad Ausel and Mike Norton retrieved the bikes and delivered them to the storage unit where they will wait their turn for a face lift. 

Thanks, Lion Mike A., for all your hard work on this project!

Oh, and, fyi -- those bikes that are beyond repair are used for parts.  What a great recycle project as well!

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